A Nexus 7 Unit is Subjected to an Extreme Drop Test

Nexus 7

Nexus 7A Nexus 7 unit is subjected to one of the worst drop tests ever. Many tablets today will likely suffer more than a dent when dropped from 4 or 5 feet of height. But no matter how robust mobile devices are, they aren’t designed to withstand this insane 65-foot drop test. But what’s the point of dropping a Nexus 7 unit 65 feet off the top floor of a building? Obviously, no devices in the market today can withstand a test of this magnitude. Folks from the Mac Weekend may have a hidden hatred toward Google’s newest tablet and the test is frankly a bit unfair.

During the aftermath of the test, it was found that the glass on the front was almost entirely shattered and the whole assembly burst like a ripe melon. There are many reasons the tablet would never run again, one of them is the totally ruined power button module. There’s little to learn from this test as any consumer with sane mind just won’t fling their tablets from the top of a building. However, this could be the start of numerous outlandish drop tests most likely aimed for publicity stunt.

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