Again, Nokia Denied That It’s Making a Tablet

Nokia Tablet

Nokia TabletSomething unexpected appeared at a tech event in Pakistan recently. During a Nokia’s presentation session, there was something that looked like a tablet next to a smaller device. Consequently, the Internet started buzzing with rumors that Nokia finally worked on a tablet. Nokia has responded to the speculation and as we guess it, the Finnish company denies any plan on releasing a tablet.

This is a rather understandable response and there’s no strong reason to believe that the device shown is a tablet to be released by Nokia. In fact, there was a desktop PC close to the location and it is ridiculous to think that Nokia will release desktop monitor. The event was specifically intended for the launch of Lumia 620 for the local market.

Many have argued that Nokia should release a Windows 8 tablet that shares the exquisite design characteristics of Lumia lineup. We have heard whispers about a possible tablet to be released by Nokia and rumors originating from the supply chain claimed that the Finnish company is gearing up to launch quite soon.

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