It has been rumored that a 5th generation iPad will enter the production phase starting from July. It will borrow some design characteristics of the iPad Mini, resulting in a lighter and thinner device. This can be achieved by using thinner side bezels, altered speaker design, diamond-cut chamfered edges and anodized aluminum enclosure.

The tablet may have its display manufactured by Sharp and LG Display. So far, we haven’t heard confirmation if Apple will bump up the screen resolution. But with 2,048 x 1,536, the iPad 4 still has one of the highest pixel density in the tablet market.

Another important rumor is the possibility of using IGZO display in the Apple iPad 5. As noted by hardware experts, the technology is not only tough and thin; it can also handle higher pixel density currently offered by the iPad 4. IGZO display also offers lower power requirements, which means Apple no longer needs to use large battery to achieve 8 hours of battery life.

Apple has helped to bail out Sharp by providing $2.3 billion for infrastructure, manufacturing equipments and product tooling. So, it’s unlikely that future iOS devices won’t incorporate some kind of Sharp’s technology.

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