JD Power recently updated performed the 2013 US Tablet Satisfaction Study. It was found that out of possible 1,000 points, the iPad scored 836. There are five categories included in the questionnaire, such as cost, features, styling & design, ease of use and performance. JD Power questioned 1,857 tablet users in February 2013 during its study.

It was also discovered that most tablets are shared by multiple persons. iPad’s impressive score was buoyed by its superior assessment on four categories; features, styling & design, ease of operation and performance; while Amazon Kindle tablets topped the cost category.

For the moment, Apple continues to sell million units of iPad and many current iPad users are planning to upgrade to newer iPad models in the future. Other major makers fell below Apple’s average score; Samsung scored 822, Asus with 818 and Acer with 784. The study didn’t take into account the type of operating system used.

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