Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad MiniApple iPad Mini looks like a miniaturized version of the earlier iPad 2 and it is a great 7” tablet. Save for camera, WiFi antenna and size, both tablets are essentially similar. The iPad Mini is a beautiful work of art and brazenly thin at just 7.2mm, the tablet is thinner than most smartphones and tablets in the market. With its 7.9” display is doesn’t feel as bulky as its bigger 9.7” cousins.

The white bezel makes the tablet looks somewhat futuristic and combined with crisp aluminum case, the iPad Mini is simply one of the best designed devices in the market. It uses A5 processor, 512MB of RAM and 1024 x 768 display resolution (163ppi), features also offered by the earlier iPad 2.

The IPS display looks stunning with its light contrast, ample brightness and great color reproductions, while graphics on the Nexus 7 looks sharper at 216ppi. In fact, the iPad Mini is the most pixilated device among Apple’s current top products. The iOS 6 has excellent functionality and performs admirably well. There’s no NFC support and the 5Mp rear camera performs quite well in most situations.

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