Canonical May Release “Ubuntu for Android” in January

Canonical Ubuntu for Android

Canonical Ubuntu for AndroidSpeculation is rife that Canonical is planning to kick off the 2013 with a bang and disrupt the current mobile phone industry. Some believe that it will release an Ubuntu tablet running the mobile-friendly and touch-optimized Unity UI. There were also rumors that it will form a partnership with Steam to release gaming console. Still, others suspected that it will establish a cloud-based service that supports various devices and platforms.

One far more likely possibility is the release of Ubuntu for Android, which would be a stop-gap product. Canonical have demoed the platform before and it looks quite amazing. The concept would be that our smartphones and tablets run a standard version of Android as usual, but it switches to an Ubuntu platform when docked. The full Ubuntu instance would be displayed on an external monitor and it brings over whatever users are doing previously in Android, such as opened browser tabs and music played.

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