Dell Latitude 10

Dell Latitude 10Dell is known among enterprise users for its Latitude-branded tablets and notebooks. Now, the Latitude 10 could be the most unique product in mobile computing market today. In a glance, the Latitude 10 is all business with support for solid enterprise-based encryption, in this case the Dell Data Protection and Encryption (DDPE). To protect the device from unauthorized physical access, it supports smart card readers and fingerprint scanners for two-level authentication.

Unlike Android and iOS, Windows is a more proven entity to enterprise IT users as they have been deploying different Windows OS versions for more than two decades. Intel’s latest Atom-based SoC provides excellent backward compatibility to legacy software, even those developed for PCs.

At 10.5mm thick, the Latitude 10 is nearly as thin as the first iPad and with extended battery; the tablet can survive 18 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Dell also pulls out all the stops with the stand, which allows for much more serious computing works after a meeting. Pricing is still the big unknown and its release should coincide with the official launch of Windows 8 in October 25th.

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