Like Apple, Samsung also loves to show us new user experience technologies with its smart sensing and eye-tracking features, which will be included on the upcoming Galaxy S4. However, recent reports say that future Samsung tablets may include the brain sensing feature. The technology was originally developed for people with impairments, but with some further developments it should be usable for average consumers.

While webpage scrolling using the eye-tracking technology is considered as gimmick by many, the innovative brain sensing capability would be considered as breakthrough. Tablet users can browse the web and check their email without even lifting a finger.

The technology is based on identifying brain activity through EEG. The picked up signal can be used to control user interface on tablets. Theoretically, EEG sensors attached on the head can transmit data to tablet through Bluetooth. Researchers from UT Dallas and Samsung have identified specific brain activity patterns when they perform repetitive visual tasks. For now, the brain sensing technology is still far from the implementation stage.

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