Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google Nexus 7 TabletAndroid tablets just keep pushing the cutting edge, by getting cheaper and faster. Developers in XDA Forum have pushed the limits farther than many of us thought possible and it appears the Nvidia Tegra 3 “Kai” can actually reach 2GHz. Earlier this month; the Nexus 7 reached a score of 7000 in Quadrant benchmarks after being boosted to 1.7GHz, but now topping at 8000.

Thanks to a previous build, many users can run Nexus 7 without issues at 1.7GHz and a new experimental test kernel (currently still unpublished) manages to push the limit to 2GHz. The overclocked chip seems to be faster than Qualcomm’s unreleased quad-core solution, but according to early tests at 2GHz the Nvidia Tegra 3 doesn’t behave in a way what anyone what would call stable. Since this is just an experimental kernel, the build is only usable for diehard enthusiasts not for those expecting to use their tablets for daily uses.

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