iPad Mini

iPad MiniApple is entering the crowded affordable tablet market, competing directly with Samsung, Google and Amazon.

The recently announced iPad Mini has gained significant interests, but how it will affect the market?

Apple had essentially created the tablet market and so far no company is able to compete in the 10” market against the dreaded iPad family. Amazon, Samsung, Google and other manufacturers have found more opportunity in the 7” segment. Priced at around $200, numerous 7” tablets are currently released by Google and Amazon. Despite Steve Jobs’ refusal to enter the 7” arena, Apple needed to respond to this situation. Consumers who consider 10” tablets as too bulky and expensive usually find 7” tablet more attractive.

iPad is a killer brand in the tablet market and with the Mini, it may prove to be a disruptive force yet again. If the iPad Mini delivers few things currently not available in the entry-level market, other tablet makers will need to get back to the drawing boards and look for ways to respond accordingly. Apple wants the iOS to become a more affordable solution and the iPad Mini could mark a new beginning in the tablet industry.

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