HP ElitePad 900

HP ElitePad 900HP’s new the tablet, ElitePad 900 was announced and it’s intended for business uses. The tablet is due to be released early next year with a 10.1” display (1280 x 800). The tablet’s pricing hasn’t been released, but it’s expected that Windows 8 tablets will be more expensive than Windows RT ones. Even before its release, it is believed that the tablet is affected by a design flaw. An important feature of Windows 8 called Snap may not work at all with the tablet, as it requires 1366 x 768 pixels resolution.

The resolution of ElitePad 900 is below the threshold for Snap to work. The feature allows two apps to be run and viewed simultaneously, enhancing multitasking ability of Windows 8 one step further, Unfortunately, future users of ElitePad 900 needs to use an external monitor to employ the feature.

Upcoming Windows RT tablets, such as Samsung ATIV and Microsoft Surface Tablet boast high enough resolution to support the Snap features.

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