HTC Flyer Tablet

HTC Flyer TabletThe HTC Flyer is a phone that delivers plenty of promises and it has a fast processor, albeit with just a single core. Apparently, there’s one demographic that seems to benefit from the simplicity of HTC Flyer: children. Younger users between 2 and 7 years old can immediately use preinstalled apps for drawing and others. For this specific audience, the HTC Flyer offers more value than other tablets, including even the new iPad, which is too clunky and huge for a kid to handle. Young parents will find the HTC Flyer useful for child education, but other adults, especially business-oriented users may struggle to find uses for it. Users get a 7” display with 1024×600 pixels resolution to play around with and it’s reasonable given the size of the HTC Flyer. Going outdoors with the tablet is a pleasant thing to do as nothing is hampered unduly by the sun light.

The tablet comes with a pen app, which is optimized for note-taking. However, the app doesn’t offer some of the expected features and it may not be suitable for many professionals. There’s no slot to keep the pen in the chassis of the tablet and it is sold separately for $50, which is a huge let down for some users. The 5Mp rear-facing shooter is awful and it snaps noisy photos with washed out colors.

Despite these drawbacks, the pen design and small form factor will benefit younger users. Even with only one core, the 1.5GHz processor is really fast and the pen is fairly accurate. Although it couldn’t still beat the iPad in some tests, the HTC still performs very well, especially in single-thread performance. Its battery is excellent and with moderate use the phone can last for a week, but you still need to charge the tablet every other day under heavy use.

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