iPad Mini

iPad MiniPreviously, iFixit has torn down the iPad Mini to determine its repairability rating. More recently, the HIS, a research firm did the same but this time it seeks to estimate the total cost needed to manufacture Apple’s smaller tablet. As we all know, Apple sells the 16GB version of iPad Mini for $329, while it costs the company only $188 to manufacture. Meanwhile, purchasing a 32GB version will set you back $429, although it only takes Apple $31 more to make.

The Apple iPad Mini with its 7.9” display falls below the Retina Display standard, previously achieved by the iPad 3 and it contributes significantly on the total cost at $80.

One thing that drives up the manufacturing cost is the implementation of GF2 technology, which allows for an extremely thin chassis of 7.2mm. The company is stepping away from Samsung, both its bitterest rival and most important supplier. However, with the iPad Mini, Apple managed to source only the A5 processor from the South Korean company.

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