iPod Touch

iPod TouchTablets come of sizes and shapes, while many would consider the iPod Touch is a multimedia player; but with its sophisticated software and features, it’s quite safe to say that the iPod Touch 5th gen. is essentially a very small tablet. The device has made a vibrant return after the earlier release of the iPod Touch 4th gen.

It boasts a huge leap in terms of performance and design, with a powerful A5 dual-core processor. In fact, many smartphones available in the market today have lesser processing power. The 5Mp rear camera is capable of recording 1080p videos and in keeping with the old tradition; the sensor is noticeably less capable than what we see on the iPhone 5.

Nevertheless, the iPod Touch 5th gen. still has many features available on the iPhone 5, including the iOS 6.0, improved front-facing HD shooter and 4” IPS Retina Display screen. It also shares some of the drawbacks, including the absence of Google-powered Maps service.

At $299, it can be argued whether users should buy the $199 Nexus 7 instead, in addition many mid-range Android smartphones at the same price level offer larger display.

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