Kupa X11 Tablet

Kupa X11 TabletThe Kupa X11 is a 10.1” tablet with 1366×768 pixels resolution. With an energy efficient Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail 1.6GHz processor, the tablet can get up to ten hours of battery life. Currently, the tablet ships with Windows 7, but Kupa also showcased a prototype unit loaded with the Consumer Preview version of the Windows 8. The Kupa X11 is aimed at business-oriented users who need the versatility of Windows OS and the portable values of tablets. The availability of digital pen and fingerprints scanner indicate that Kupa is preparing the X11 for the Windows 8.

The Kupa X11 is a bit heavier and chunkier than your average Android tablets and the new iPad. The thick bezel around the display gives you an ample space to hold on to. As Windows 8 allows some gestures to be started on the bezel, this isn’t a wasted space. The tablet also includes a button that emulate mouse click.

Like many netbooks, the Kupa X11 has relatively poor performance level, but fortunately, while Windows 8 is a little slow to load, its Metro UI feels quite snappy. There’s not much multitasking to slow the tablet down, as with the Metro interface, users tend to run fewer apps.  x86 processors, like Intel Atom, behave differently than ARM chips, for example, Intel Atom can’t stay connected to the Internet while it’s in sleep mode.  The tablet uses Intel GMA graphics 600 @400MHz and 2GB DDR2 RAM. Available wireless technologies are optional 3G, Bluetooth 2.1 and WiFi. It comes with 3Mp rear-facing and 2Mp front-facing cameras, as well as one HDMI port, two full-sized USB ports and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Kupa X11 can do many things iPad and any Android tablet can’t, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll always get exceptional user experience, as it’s essentially a Windows device with low performance hardware.

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