Intel pleasantly dropped a bombshell yesterday that the upcoming Haswell laptops will be equipped with integrated graphics solution three times more powerful than Intel Graphics HD 4000. It’s a good thing that a rumor on the 2nd generation Microsoft Surface tablet is hot on heels of Intel’s announcement.

Many are hopeful that the Haswell chip will make its way to Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet. It would also be great to see either Nvidia Tegra 4 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 600/800 on Microsoft Surface RT 2. Another interesting tidbit would be smaller display size at between 7” and 9”. This would be an answer to the onslaught of small, affordable Android tablets in the market.

It is believed that Microsoft has ordered enough components to make about one million and a half of the 2nd generation Surface tablets. This seems like a realistic thing to do since Microsoft sells as many as RT and Pro so far. The shipment projection may undergo a revision later.

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