While the iPad is not the first tablet, it brought a revolution in the industry with its laser-focus precision. It performs really well in the computing and graphics department.  But many are wondering whether one could replace an iPad with Windows 8 tablet powered by x86 processors.

New benchmark results are recently published showing comparison between the PowerVR SGX554MP4 on the iPad 4 with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 used by the Microsoft Surface Tablet Pro.

It is found that the Apple iPad 2 is 2 times slower in terms of fill rate and 2.5 times slower in terms of geometry performance compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro. When tested with GLBenchmark 2.5, the Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU may deliver up to 3 times better frame rate.

However, we shouldn’t forget that the Ivy Bridge processor on the Surface Pro consumes about 17W, while the A6X chips and the PowerVR SGX544MP4 GPU on the iPad 4 hits only 5W.

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