Surface Tablet

Surface TabletMicrosoft has a big plan for its involvement in the mobile industry, but things are not always so smooth. HIS iSuppli, a popular market research firm, recently reported that the sales of Microsoft Surface tablet fell short of the prediction. The software giant has shipped about 1.25 million units to the industry and actual figure of units currently used by consumers is much lower.

The tablet has an exceptionally high return rate, which is indicative of a serious problem. Experts pointed problems with the Windows RT, which is optimized for ARM processors and it’s essentially less capable than the full version of Windows 8 OS. Owners also complained about the steep learning curve and the somewhat unintuitive user experience. There also seems to be a lack of interest among OEM for producing tablets with Windows RT.

Microsoft will soon release the Surface Pro with the Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 8 Professional on February 9. Unfortunately this time, the Windows 8 tablet/hybrid market is already getting a bit crowded with new models and the Surface Pro may not be so unique.

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