Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface TabletMicrosoft will set up temporary stores on October 26 and they will sell the much-publicized Surface Tablet. Microsoft is trying to go toe-to-toe with Apple by opening “pop-up” stores near most known Apple stores in various shopping centers and malls. These stores will open throughout holiday season and not to be considered as permanent.

The Surface Tablet was unveiled last summer and Microsoft said that this tablet will be available only on its own retail stores. One big unanswered question is how much the Surface Tablet will be priced. The software giant hasn’t revealed to us about this important detail, although it is hinted that the price could vary between $300 and $800.

When asked how many Surface Tablet units a consumer can buy with $1500, Balmer simply replied “Some”. As “some” would indicate something more numerous than two, this could indicate that each Surface Tablet unit will be sold at $500 or less. The upcoming tablet is expected to attract more enterprise users as it will feature deep integration with Windows 8 laptops and desktops to be used in office settings.

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