Microsoft Windows Tablet

Microsoft Windows TabletMicrosoft recently invited the media to officially unveil an upcoming tablet. The device is an ARM-based tablet running the Windows RT. Microsoft didn’t reveal the type of processor used, but it could be Nvidia Tegra 3 or Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. Google will also release a Tegra 3 tablet for only $200, which is particularly attractive to users, considering the fact that the hardware platform also has good battery life and delivers excellent performance.  Unfortunately, Microsoft plans to charge $85 for each Windows RT license and tablet makers would be struggling to produce something that can challenge affordable Android tablet and entry-level iPad models.

Before the iPad was released, rumors were rife at CES 2010 that the software giant would pre-empt Apple with something of its own devising, but unfortunately it never materialized. Also at 2010, Microsoft cancelled Courier, a two-screen display tablet saying the concept could one day emerge in a different form.

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