Microsoft’s Surface Smartphone “Surfaces” in Benchmark Results

Microsoft Surface Smartphone

Microsoft Surface SmartphoneIt is quite clear that Microsoft is aiming to grab a piece of the profitable tablet market with the Surface Tablet, but apparently, the software giant also wants a slice of smartphone market as well. The possibility of Microsoft’s involvement in the mobile phone space is hinted by a new benchmark result.

Recent results of a Windows Phone benchmarking utility, the WP Bench, have a revealed a new phone called the Microsoft Surface. The device is running the 8.0.9754.0 build of Windows Phone OS, which is consistent with previous leaks.

Naturally, benchmark results can’t be used as a concrete evidence of a device’s existence, but this is often how we hear about a specific device for the first time.

Big Question

Whether Microsoft will really launch its own smartphone like Google did?

Last June, the company denied that they are working on a smartphone, but the industry is changing rapidly. Surface Tablet drew criticism from other device manufacturers and Microsoft could be reluctant to escalate the situation. A better option could be to ensure a widespread adoption of Windows Phone 8 OS in the industry by encouraging more phone makers to release more WP-based devices.

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