Nokia Windows RT Tablet

Nokia Windows RT TabletWhile Windows RT/8 tablets seem to have mediocre performance in the market, they have a lot of potentials. Once Windows 8-powered laptops and desktops become mainstream; these tablets would deliver much better integration compared to models using other software platforms. Rumors about Nokia’s Windows RT tablet have circulated for quite while and there’s a possibility that the tablet will be ready for announcement at MWC 2013 on February.

While DigiTimes has spotty records when it comes to releasing rumors, Nokia fans should still take this rumor seriously. Earlier, DigiTimes reported that the Nokia tablet would have a 10” display, but the development has been delayed to let the Microsoft Surface tablet arrives to the market first.

Nokia known that the sales of Microsoft Surface haven’t been satisfactory and the company may rely on its consumer base to eventually purchase the tablet. While the Finnish company is losing market share, it is still the second largest mobile phone seller after Samsung and loyal users are something that Microsoft doesn’t have.

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