We have been speculating about the existence of a Nokia tablet since Apple debuted its first iPad model. The Finnish company regularly denied it, but allegedly people working on the tablet model may have some interesting information to reveal. A trusted source in the industry, @evleaks has published a link in which we can gather leaked information from a developer.

The person has been delivering important details for months through his personal blog as he is working on an app exclusive only for the Nokia tablet. As expected, the tablet runs Windows 8 OS and it will work as a bigger companion for newer Lumia smartphones, running the Windows Phone 8 OS. The Nokia tablet will surely offer a large collection of unique apps and the developer in particular, is working on an app for Adidas.

The app helps coaches to manage their teams and monitor the performance of each athlete. Earlier rumors also said that the Nokia tablet will have 10.1” display, Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor, USB ports, HSMI out ports, 10 hours of battery life and detachable keyboard.

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