North Korea Releases an Official State-controlled Tablet

Achim Tablet

Achim TabletThe dictatorship of North Korea is no longer able to isolate itself from rapid technological changes and it has released, Achim (Morning), a state-controlled tablets aimed for students. Official sources from inside the country claimed that the tablet is enjoying significant popularity. The 7” tablets weigh 300 grams (0.66 pounds) with 5 hours of battery life.

Achim seems to be used as an indoctrination tool for younger generation; packed full with the Communist party-endorsed videos and other content that glorifies the new ruler, Kim Jong Un. Obviously, like North Korea, the tablet is also isolated from the rest of the world with no access to the Internet.  It is very unlikely for North Korea to use the “capitalist” Android OS and it may use “Red Star” instead, a Linux version developed internally by North Korea. The country claimed that the Achim is domestically-made, but it’s quite likely that the tablet is actually imported from China.

Although North Korea claimed that the Achim is a big hit, in reality, most students would be unable to afford it, unless it is heavily subsidized.

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