PowerVR G6630 GPU is Officially Announced

Apple iPad 4

Apple iPad 4Owners of iPad 4 are blessed by the powerful PowerVR SGX 554MP4 developed by Imagination Technologies. The new GPU is twice faster than the GPU used by the earlier iPad 3. With the tweaked architecture and higher clock rate, the iPad 4 is superior to most many mobile gaming devices, including the Sony Playstation Vita with its SGX543MP4+ GPU.

Recently, the Imagination Technologies have unraveled details on the next generation PowerVR 6 GPU that offers a huge 60X in raw graphics performance over its direct predecessor. The new architecture would have no discernible impact on power consumption and footprint size.

At 1 TFLOPS, the PowerVR G6630 GPU is promised to deliver jaw-dropping graphics performance, while the iPad 4 can only deliver nearly 77GFLOPS, by comparison. A high-end desktop graphics card, the Nvidia GTX680 can reach about 3.7 TFLOPS, so obviously, the G6630 will be a beast in the mobile industry. For future-proofing, the PowerVR 6 series supports DirectX 11.1 runtime, which allows it to work well on Windows 8 tablets and decently runs many Windows game. As stakeholders, both Apple and Samsung have access to latest products of Imagination Technologies, so it is only a matter of time before monsters equipped with this GPU collide.

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