Razer made its way into the tablet space when it announced the Project Fiona last year at CES 2012. One year later, it introduced the Razer Edge Pro as the final result of the project. At 12mm thick and weighing at 2 lbs, the tablet is rather chunky beast. Beneath its 10.1 (1366 x 768) HD display, users can find an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GT 640M LE GPU and 128/256GB SSD.

It surely has powerful components for a Windows 8 tablet, which allows many PC games to runs decently. As a dedicated gaming machine, the Razer Edge Pro is equipped with separate game controller and additional battery.

A docking station offers additional connectivity options including USB connector, audio jack, HDMI out port and external power. Of course, there’s also a keyboard dock and support for mouse, which turn the Razer Edge Pro into a respectable gaming laptop.

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