Surface Pro Tablet

Surface Pro TabletMicrosoft recently revealed the possible pricing of its upcoming Surface Pro tablet, which will run a Core i5 processor and Windows 8 Pro OS. The tablet may have a full Windows OS version and fully powered processor, but it would have only half the battery life of the earlier Surface RT models. Based on various estimates and usage pattern, the Surface RT could achieve between 8 and 10 hours of battery life.

The significantly reduced battery life could be result from the use of more powerful processor, specifically the Core i5 Ivy Bridge chip. The Surface Pro tablet doesn’t use the more efficient Atom processor, probably due to performance consideration. Many had hoped that the Surface Pro would be released days before Christmas, but this won’t happen.

Even so, with the Windows 8 OS, the Surface Pro looks more like a business-oriented device. Obviously, works can wait later; perhaps a couple of days after the New Year.

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