In a bid to stay competitive in the growing entertainment ecosystems, created primarily by Amazon and Apple; Tesco is reportedly preparing to deliver an iPad-like tablet model. Priced at just £100, the affordable device will be preloaded by BlinkBox, Tesco’s video-on-demand service. It is likely to challenge the likes of Apple’s iTunes and Netflix. Tesco introduced the BlinkBox in 2011 as an attempt to make a strong move to the expanding digital download market, which now grows at about 17 percent annually.

With its solid customer-base of millions, Tesco should have a distinct advantage and the company is offering loyalty schemes, which comes with a complete set of interesting incentives.

Tesco is now aiming to reinvigorate its somewhat declining business. Last year in April 2013, for the first time in decades, the company’s annual profit fell. There’s no word on what kind of hardware specs the tablet will deliver, but it should be somewhat similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

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