The iPad 4 Benchmark Results Show Twice The Performance Level of the iPad 3

iPad 4

iPad 4The upcoming iPad 2 seems to be a significant upgrade over the current 3rd generation iPad, based on recent benchmark results. In a special press event, Tim Cooks revealed the new iPad model and iPad Mini. The new tablet is promised to be a real powerhouse with the A6X processor, which delivers twice the performance level of the iPad 3 and the numbers don’t lie. Processor performance aside, the new iPad 4 may not be a significant upgrade compared to the iPad 3.

Based on new benchmark results with Geekbench Browser, the iPad 4 may actually deliver twice the performance level of its direct predecessor, the 3rd generation iPad. The A6X processor has a clock rate of 1.4GHz, noticeably faster than the A5 processor at 1GHz. The iPad 4 may use the same 1GB of RAM and quad-core GPU, which tell us that the new processor have the bigger role in delivering additional performance level.

The new A6X chip is also used by the iPhone 5 and it’s clocked slightly lower at 1.3GHz. The iPad 4 16GB/WiFi version will be priced a $499 and the 16GB/3G/WiFi version at $629.

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