Any Apple fans would agree that there are so many things to like about the iPad 4 or even its predecessors.  Unfortunately, as a consequence to the high resolution Retina Display panel, the iPad 4 is heavier than the non-Retina iPad 2.

We have heard a few days ago that the iPad 5 will be thinner, while keeping the Retina Display capability intact. Now, it is revealed more specifically that the iPad 5 will be 25 percent lighter at about 500 grams. At about 7.5mm, the iPad 5 will also be 15 percent thinner than the iPad 4.

There are a few methods Apple can do to bring the tablet’s weight down. It is believed that the upcoming tablet will carry a smaller, lighter battery at about 8500mAh, compared to the 11,000mAh cell used by the iPad 4. The more improved A7X SoC could be more energy-efficient, while delivering smooth user experience. Sharp’s IGZO panel is known as a lightweight high resolution component.

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