Asus Tablet 810

Asus Tablet 810The Asus Tablet 810 is essentially a larger version of the Tablet 600, but with four key differences:

  • Intel Atom Medfield (x86) processor, not the ARM based Nvidia Tegra 3
  • Full version of Windows 8, not the Windows RT
  • 11.6” display, not the 10.1” display
  • Wacom dual digitizer

The Tablet 810 is simply a bigger and more advanced version of the Tablet 600, but still uses the same Super IPS+ display technology and 1366 x 768 display. Despite the slight drop in pixel density, the difference shouldn’t be easily perceptible in first glance. The Wacom digitizer offers support for digital pen. Unlike the passive, low-tech stylus, a digital pen allows users to select multiple interface elements, hover a mouse cursor and draw with more flexibility.

In the x86 world, the Intel Atom Medfield processor isn’t exactly something impressive. It won’t offer stellar performance when running demanding Windows software, but the possibility of running legacy Windows apps should be interesting. It is also reported that the Tablet 810 will have 2GB of RAM, 64GB of SSD, a microSD card slot, 2 full-sized USB ports, 8Mp rear-facing camera with flash and 2Mp front-facing camera.

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