Tim Cook: Microsoft’s Surface Tablet is Compromised and Confusing

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface TabletWhen asked about Microsoft Surface Tablet, Tim Cook noted in the product is “compromised” and “confusing”. Although he hasn’t personally tried the Surface yet, the device only brings confusion and compromises.

Cook added that Apple also perform tradeoffs in both design and engineering. Among the most difficult thing manufacturers can do is to make hard tradeoffs, which may significantly influence how the device will look and behave. Cook said that Apple has implemented some compromises with the iPad, but the company still managed to deliver incredible user experience.

It is now possible to design a car that works both on road and water, but no manufacturer that is able to deliver a car that simultaneously  does all these things perfectly. Microsoft’s designer team has stated that they won’t create a compromise design, users can switch seamless between Windows desktop and Metro UI.

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