TransPhone And TransPad Look And Feel Like ASUS’ Padfone


TransPadIt’s easy to think that the Transphone is merely a rip-off of the Padfone. In all honesty, the manufacturers, ExoTablet, says that they consider Padfone as a leading source of inspiration. For specs, the handset looks unimpressive with its low-end hardware, such as a single-core CPU, 3.5” display, 5Mp rear-facing camera, HSPA support and 512MB of RAM.

As for pricing, a Transphone and a TransPad appear to have hefty price tag of $429. If this isn’t enough to make you shy away from the phone, ExoTablet suggests us to purchase a family pack that costs $999, consisted of two TransPads and two TransPhones plus a charger.  The TransPad tablet shell has a dedicated battery on its own and a 7” display. After purchasing the first $429 worth of combo, consumers can get an additional TransPhone for a mere $379 and TransPad for $140.

As an alternative, you could purchase a Google Nexus 7 and an LG Optimus L5, at approximately the same price and with far better hardware details.

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