Tablets with 7” display are considered as sweet spot in the industry. They offer ample screen size for daily uses and lower price tags; also there’s plenty of convenience of using such device. Amazon was one of the pioneers in this market niche, with the original Kindle Fire tablet. Although the giant e-tailed understand the portability value of 7” tablets, it seems to want to go big this time.

Analysts in the industry recently disclosed that newer Kindle model will have 10” display and it may enter the mass production phase in the third quarter this year. The 2500 x 1600 screen resolution allows the tablet to deliver 300ppi of pixel density, which is reasonably high in the tablet industry. As comparison, the 9.7” iPad 4 comes with only 264ppi. Higher ppi value indicates better display sharpness.

Amazon hasn’t revealed anything about the phone, so we can’t be sure whether any of the features reported is actually accurate. As of today, Amazon has about 3.7 percent share in the global tablet market and if the large Kindle model is a success, the company should expect to ship many more units to consumers.

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