Apple Officially Releases iPad 4 and iPad Mini

Apple iPad 4 - Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad 4 - Apple iPad MiniConsumers always love things that Apple releases in the market, including the little things. The iPad Mini is another smaller thing Apple wants to launch and it already goes on sale. With a smaller 7.9” display, the new tablet starts at $329 for the WiFi version. Unlike the launch of iPhone, fewer customers seem to be lining up in front of the stores.

The lines were even shorter in New Zealand and Australia as reported by Reuter. The wake of the massive storm Sandy could contribute to the less than enthusiastic reception by US consumers. In fact, there’s only one person spotted standing in line at Apple’s iconic Cube store in New York. However, reports from Twitter showed that there are far longer lines throughout China.

For the meanwhile, Apple also released the WiFi model of iPad 4 in 34 countries, mostly in Europe and some in Asia Pacific region. The 16GB/WiFi model of iPad 4 is priced at $499, 32GB at $599 and 64GB at $699. It has the same rear-facing camera, battery display size and resolution with the 3rd generation iPad. The biggest improvement is twice the performance level compared to the iPad 3, thanks to the new A6X processor. Other enhancement is a FaceTime HD front-facing camera with 1.2Mp sensor and 720p (@30 fps) video recording capability.

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