Archos Child Pad

Archos Child PadMany parents are fed up with the fact that they can’t use the tablet, because their children use it all the time. Purchasing a new tablet is often not an option due to the lack of very affordable model in the market. Luckily, Archos announced a tablet, aptly named the Child Pad. The Android tablet offers an engaging UI and packed with preinstalled apps and games for children. The tablet runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and it is powered by a 1GHz processor. The 7” tablet has compact and durable design. It’s integrated with Kid’s App Store, which offers more than 10,000 apps and games for educational and entertainment purposes. It commands an affordable price tag of $129 and allows you to regain control of your own high-end, expensive tablet from those careless little fingers.

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