Previously we heard rumors about the BlackBerry 10 tablet and Thorsten Heins subtly rejected the notion of such device. The company’s previous management made mistake by shipping the BlackBerry Bridge late, causing the original BlackBerry PlayBook tablet failed to integrate with other devices as promised. Consequently, the tablet sold poorly and the then Research In Motion (RIM) needed to take a hefty loss of $485 million just to empty its inventory.

Despite earlier denials, there is leaked information suggesting that the tablet might be set to launch somewhere in the future. In a more recent interview Heins said that they are thinking about it.

It is likely that BlackBerry still wants to establish a fully seamless mobile ecosystem where BlackBerry 10 tablets and smartphones work together in a similar vein to Apple iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, the original concept of Playbook comes with a number of deficiencies and BlackBerry needs to remedy them to an extent.

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