Can Microsoft Surface Tablet Beat iPad?

Can Microsoft Surface Tablet Beat iPad?Microsoft unveiled a product aimed at Apple iPad and high-end Android tablets, the Tablet Surface. The new device will be available in two different versions, one with ARM-based platform running Windows RT and another based on x86 platform with Windows 8 Pro OS. In a traditional Steve Jobs’ chore, Steve Ballmer kicked off the press conference in the Worldwide Developers Conference. In its 37-year history, Microsoft has stepped over a line it had never crossed previously: Designing and selling a physical computing device, essentially eliminating its important OEM partners like Lenovo, HP, Dell and Toshiba from the equation.

Experts considered Surface Tablet as one of the boldest steps Microsoft ever takes, but it may not be enough to unseat Apple from its top position in the tablet space. While the Surface Tablet may appeal users of Windows-powered desktops and laptops, it may not be sufficient to significantly alter the dynamics of the tablet market. Compared to many Android tablets, the Surface would be too pricy and it may lag behind the new iPad in terms of features.

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