Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7

Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 77” tablets are widely popular among those who want a device with display bigger than phablet, but more portable than big 10” models. Some of these 7-inchers can also work as smartphone with voice call, text messaging and HSDPA supports, making them a practical secondary communication device. Many consumers have used Google’s Nexus for several months now and they found it to be far better than the original Kindle Fire

Amazon responded recently by releasing the new Kindle Fire HD with bigger display options. The Google Nexus seems to have deeper application implementation with its direct access to Google Play store and other third-party app markets. Compared to the Kindle Fire HD, it also has more features including NFC, GPS, NFC and digital compass.

Amazon is using a strategy more similar to Apple’s and it’s focused in providing a more controlled environment for users that can better match its own business model. While typical Android devices are increasingly look more like Swiss Army Knives, users of Kindle Fire HD can sleep better at night knowing that Amazon delivers a higher degree of compatibility and security. Amazon’s products would suite those who prefer something that can do a few core things very well over one that does a lot of things with questionable reliability.

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