HP Windows 8 Tablet

HP Windows 8 TabletRecent hints are giving us stronger speculations on HP’s upcoming Windows 8 tablet. In a one-minute commercial, HP shows us a silvery tablet that has been leaked previously. With a black rectangular area on top of it, brushed silvery finish and very slim design, the tablet really looks like an iPad. If this assumption is true, the device is more likely made from a metal main-body, which points toward a more premium model.

Going by its shape and size, the tablet may have a 10” display and because we still don’t see the front part of the device, we can’t be sure of that yet. While it is almost certainly a Windows 9 device, the question is whether it will have an x86-based processor with full Windows 8 or an ARM-based processor with Windows RT. Many are expecting that the tablet would be the former. Overall, the device looks like a highly finished product with a polished chassis that many of us would be willing to have.

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