Lenovo IdeaPad K2110

Lenovo IdeaPad K2110The IdeaPad K2110 is the first Intel Medfield and it runs the Android OS. Compared to current mobile processor, the Medfield has a clock speed of 1.6GHz which is higher than most mobile processors used today. Previously, analysts were concerned by its power efficiency but, recent test on Xolo X900 showed that Intel’s architecture have a good power management scheme. Lenovo claimed that the battery life is 9 hours under continuous usage, which is as much as we’d get from an Nvidia Tegra device. Overall, the tablet has a nice feel to it with fancy patterned back and very rounded corners.

The tablet was showcased in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012, while the demo unit was labeled as beta (pre-production), the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) ran nicely during early tests. The IdeaPad K2210 comes with all the bells and whistles consumers have come to expect from high-performance, high-end Android tablet, like powerful processor, latest Android version, 10” (1280×800) display, a SIM card slot, microSD card slot. microUSB port and microHDMI port.

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