iPad Mini with Retina Display

iPad Mini with Retina DisplayLike other iOS devices, the iPad Mini is universally loved by reviewers and critics. It is in essence, a miniaturized version of iPad 2, which unfortunately also inherits the non-Retina Display screen. A closer look on the display would reveal distinguishable pixels and pretty much the same thing happened to the iPad 2.

Unfortunately, some experts argue that an iPad Mini equipped with Retina Display won’t arrive next year. Overall, everything really comes down to resolution and performance issues. A Retina Display device requires bigger battery and faster processor. To achieve the Retina Display resolution, the iPad Mini with its 7” screen must be enhanced to 2048 x 1536, which could result in a less efficient, thicker and heavier tablet.

Apple could simply choose a slightly smaller display size, perhaps 6.5”, but this seems rather unlikely. The last thing Apple wants is an unnecessarily more fragmented iOS ecosystem, as apps developers need to provide compatibility to an additional display format.

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