JooJoo Tablet

JooJoo TabletFusion Garage’s 12.1” JooJoo is a gesture-based tablet and many consider it as one big touchscreen browser with WiFi-only connection. Its price is slightly below the entry-level iPad, while the homescreen is consisted of links, instead of apps, which makes JooJoo a bit less usable than other tablets when Internet connection is unavailable. Compared to the iPad 2, JooJoo is a bit heavier and it has headphone/mic jack, power socket and a USB port. The tablet comes with 4GB of internal storage and it is run by 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM and Nvidia Ion GPU; a common configuration of early netbooks. Unfortunately, just like those weak netbooks, the graphic performance of JooJoo is similarly disappointing.

At 366 x 768 pixels resolution, the 12.1” display gives you a low 70ppi of pixel density. It isn’t enough for group viewing and also isn’t bright enough. It’s a real shame, because JooJoo has lot of potential. Of course JooJoo also has some positives too, you’ll like the way its browser allows you to swipe between tabs. Unlike on early iOS-devices, any music playing won’t stop while you browse. When using JooJoo it will feel like you’re using a desktop PC. The keyboard works well for Internet searching; there are shortcuts to Google Search, YouTube and others.  The YouTube experience is enjoyable and instead of Flash, Fusion Garage decided to use MPEG Playback as the company hasn’t got the Adobe’s blessing.

To conclude this short review, JooJoo clearly offers you many things, but unfortunately, it is marred by a somewhat buggy platform. It doesn’t have many pre-installed apps and the battery life is a joke. It’s far heavier than the iPad, but you get far less usability. Even so, JooJoo can still appeal potential users with its sleek design and responsive HD touchscreen.

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