Microsoft Might Take a Peek on OEM’s Devices When Developing Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft may have alienated many Windows OEMs with its plan to release the Surface Tablet. Acer spoke first by criticizing Microsoft for the shift in strategy and there’s now an allegation that the software giant is taking advantage of its relationship with OEMs. Manufacturers are reportedly furious because Microsoft was given an early access to OEM’s physical designs for the upcoming Windows 8. So Microsoft knows exactly what is inside OEM’s bags of tricks.

For years, Microsoft’s OEM partners have been smarting from the lack of tablet-optimized OS. None of Windows 7 tablets released by OEM manufacturers were accepted well by consumers and now when a proper OS is finally available, they find out that Microsoft wants to be a competitor.

If there’s money to be made and the Windows WP/RT/8 combo takes off, we might see an unrest in the tablet industry. But if Windows 8/RT flounders, the impact will be felt by manufacturers of Windows Phone handsets, including the beleaguered Nokia.

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