Orange Tahiti Tablet

Orange Tahiti TabletIt took awhile for Orange to come up with its own tablet, the Tahiti tablet. The tablet is manufactured by Huawei and Orange subscribers can get it for free on a 2-year contract at £25 a month, which include 1GB of data allowance. Subscribers can get another 1GB of data when they access the Internet during non-peak hours.

The Orange Tahiti is a small tablet and instead of going for a 10” display, Orange chose the much smaller 7” (1280×800) display, with higher pixel density compared to the iPad 2. There’s no grumbling among users about the display quality; the video and text look clear. It has good viewing angles too, though it doesn’t look great under the sun. Also, although users generally appreciate the high resolution display, it makes small icons harder to prod accurately. Users can reduce the resolution to 1024×600 to allow them manage the icons more easily. The tablet uses 1.2GHz processor, which is supported by 512MB of RAM. Generally, the tablet runs smoothly, although users may notice occasional lags when running demanding tasks. The VGA camera on the front is joined by a 5Mp rear-facing camera. The Orange Tahiti is a nicely specified and well-built Android tablet, which is impressive given its great features and zero price tag.

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