PhonePad+ Can Turn Samsung Galaxy S Models into a Tablet

Manufacturers in the industry have made done commendable strides with their smartphone/tablet hybrid. Asus leads with the Padfone combination, but it appears there’s a new solution. The Phonepad+ is an innovative way of converting standard smartphones into a tablet practically and easily.

It is essentially an extension with 10.1″ (1024 x 600) display and connects wirelessly with the phone through MHL, USB and Bluetooth. Video, audio and other data can be streamed wirelessly. So far, supports are limited to Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3, while Galaxy S4 will receive similar support shortly after its launch. After connected, these handsets literally become the guts of the larger tablet-like device.

Users can twist and turn the Phonepad+ to fit any situation, be it slid down to form a standard tablet, swiveled to become portable presentation tool or placed on the desk to work as a notebook-esque clamshell. With about 8 hours of battery life, the Phonepad+ can be used as a portable charging station for the galaxy S models.

There’s also an emphasis on gaming experience, as the Phonepad+ includes a free Bluetooth gaming console.

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