Polaroid Will Release a 7” Tablet for Children

Polaroid Tablets

Polaroid TabletsEach time the word “Polaroid” is mentioned, we will quickly think of a brand that lives and breathes in the world of photography. Apparently, the company isn’t content with just producing photography-oriented equipments. Over the years, the tablet market has grown by leaps and bounds. So, Polaroid wants to get a slice of the expanding Android marketplace by churning out a unique tablet.

Apparently, the company won’t roll out a straightforward model intended for the masses. Instead, the Polaroid tablet will be targeted primarily for kids, with decent hardware specs under the hood.

Like many affordable Android tablets out there, the Polaroid tablet will sport Ice Cream Sandwich and 7″ display. As expected, the tablet will feature a number of children-oriented apps such as Draw, Music Studio and Kids Cam. These interesting apps are designed to encourage kids let the creative juice flow. They will be able to show their more creative side by using songs, pictures and videos. The Polaroid tablet would be available retail for about $150 a pop soon enough.

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