Samsung Galaxy Note Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Note TabletsHints on new Samsung tablet models have been leaked and it could suggest 7” versions of Galaxy Note family, which includes the usual S-pen active stylus. Two new codenames, GT-N5100 and GT-N5110, have cropped at the DLNA Alliance. Codenames with “GT-N” are now used to designate various Galaxy Note models, including the Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note II.

Details on these mystery devices aren’t particularly enlightening, but reports seem to belie suspicions that they are essentially direct upgrades from 5” phablets. These new devices could be Samsung’s attempt to fill the gap between Galaxy Note phablets and 10.1” tablets. Unlike iPad Mini and Nexus 7, these upcoming Galaxy Note tablets will provide more unique user experience with their S-Pen active stylus.

Previously, GT-5100 appeared in the certification program of Wi-Fi Alliance and there were some confusion regarding its certification ID. There’s still no record on the Note 7 models in the FCC database and it’s still unknown whether they will include voice call capability like the smaller phablets.

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