Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface TabletSome of us went wild last week when four models of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet were sold with hefty price tags ranging from $1000 to $2105 by Webhallen, a Swedish website. Rest assured, this information may not be true and users won’t need to have an immense hole in their wallet just to get a Surface tablet. It appears; the Swedish website only released speculative prices. The website acknowledged that it hasn’t revealed information on Surface Tablet’s actual pricing and the spiffed up prices were only intended to lure people in to make pre-orders.

Although it may seem strange that an online store would jack up price to attract buyer, this approach can be successful sometimes, especially if applied on a highly-expected device. A more conservative speculation on the price of the tablet would be around $499. This would be Microsoft’s first foray into the highly competitive tablet space and it needs to use aggressive pricing to challenge the iPad and major manufacturers of Android devices. For example, it should only aim for a modest profit from hardware components and significantly reduce revenue from the software license.

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