The FCC Filing of the Next Amazon Kindle Fire is Discovered

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle FireWe have frequently heard word in the past on a sequel to Amazon’s Kindle Fire which will ship with a larger display. Some folks have made a neat detective work on this issue and they have come across of what may be the first real hint of Amazon’s next tablet. The giant online retailer regularly uses roundabout way when it comes to FCC filings. A new filing was issued by Harpers LLC, which could be traced back to CSC Entity Services and eventually Amazon itself.

It was stipulated that Amazon also used three front companies when it submitted the original Kindle Fire to FCC back in September 2011. While we may have solved the puzzle, the actual FCC filing of the next Kindle Fire offers too little details to allow us make an educated guess.

Nevertheless, we do know that the device will have a 4:3 form factor, while most Android manufacturers use 16:9 ratio. It is also quite likely that it will have 10” display and we may soon find out what the company has up its sleeve.

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